This is my voice

This is my voice.

Most of the time, I speak for my financial clients.  I ghostwrite white papers, marketing collateral, articles, portfolio commentary and websites for them.  My job is to articulate what they want to say and as much as possible, to express it in their voices.

In this blog, I plan to speak for myself – to discuss issues that interest me and that are close to my professional heart.  Most will be related to the financial industry and they will all be connected with communication.  The way I see it, communication is connection.

I also plan to bring you voices other than mine, respected experts to talk about what they do and the role of communication in their work.

In the meantime, I invite you to explore my re-designed website and learn more about me.

Look for my next blogpost on April 3!


  1. Great new blog, Eve!

    • Beautiful site, Eve! So looking forward to hearing your unique, erudite, language-appreciating, entertaining voice.
      Sue Yellin

  2. Eve, what a great enhancement to an already accomplished career. Your blog does seem like the next natural thing for you. I look forward to reading your posts and subsequent comments. Thank you for the invitation.

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