White Paper Writing

American Century Investments

Writing a white paper on smart risk-taking.

In the wake of the financial crisis, many investors avoided higher-risk investments and were slow to re-commit their assets even as the markets stabilized. American Century Investments wanted to show financial advisors how they could help their clients get off the sidelines. The mutual fund company asked Eve to write a white paper to explain why the time was right and to demonstrate to financial advisors that their clients were looking to them for guidance on taking smart risks. Adding to information provided by American Century, Eve conducted her own independent research and then made the case in a seven-page white paper entitled “Getting off the Sidelines: Investing in the Smart Risk Zone.” She was subsequently asked to adapt it into an article for American Century’s quarterly client magazine, a two-page sales sheet, and an advertorial.

Allianz Global Investors

Arguing the benefits of international diversification.

In a time crunch and with all of its internal resources committed to other projects, Allianz Global Investors asked Eve to write a white paper about the benefits of international diversification. The firm’s director of editorial services turned to her because of her previous work for Allianz on a white paper about water investing. For the new piece, Eve focused on the potential of international diversification to improve return and reduce portfolio volatility, and how investors’ “home country bias” often led them to underweight foreign stocks. She also showed how broadening exposure beyond large cap stocks could enhance the benefits of international diversification.

“[Eve’s] experience as a white paper writer and her ease with out-of-the-ordinary topics gave us confidence – which was well rewarded – that she would understand the financial and analytical details of this complex project. So pleased were we with her work that we turned to her again just a few weeks later.”

Robert Levy
Marketing Communications
Allianz Global Investors

CheckFree Investment Services

Making a case for complying with GIPS®.

Asset management firms could be finding it difficult to comply with the CFA Institute’s Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). CheckFree wanted to show them that it was easier than they thought. Eve was asked to write a white paper showing how shadow accounting could help. After reading the Standards and conducting her own research, Eve wrote a white paper that explained the Standards and described how opting out carried multiple opportunity costs, such as lost business. She reinforced the message by referencing secondary sources, such as The Wall Street Journal, and quoting sources at the CFA Institute.