Special Communications

Prof. Shlomo Benartzi, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Refining a report about the post-retirement crisis.

Eve was asked for her help with a response to a request for information from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and U.S. Department of Labor. With the deadline just days away, UCLA Professor Shlomo Benartzi thought “Behavioral Finance and the Post-Retirement Crisis” needed an eagle eye and significant TLC to ensure it had the required tone and consistency. In some cases, considerable revisions were necessary. Although called in at the eleventh hour, Eve devoted herself to the project and delivered it in time for submission.

“[Eve] was right person for the job – a skilled writer and editor who understands the financial industry and the retirement marketplace in particular. … I appreciated every one of her suggestions, but was most impressed by the thoughtfulness with which she approached the work. … She is a consummate professional.”

Shlomo Benartzi
Professor and Co-Chair of the Behavioral Decision Making Group
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Credit Suisse Investment Bank

Taking a corporate website to new levels

Credit Suisse called on Eve to help improve its investment banking website. She was the sole writer on a multi-disciplinary team of designers, marketing, and IT specialists. After getting to know Credit Suisse’s investment banking business and undertaking a thorough review of the existing website, Eve worked with the lead designer to conduct in-depth fact-finding interviews with senior managers in the U.S. and around the world. She was central to the development of the new site’s tone and structure, and wrote more than 100 web pages, balancing the interests of Credit Suisse’s clients, the goals of its marketing team, and the requirements of legal and compliance.

“We brought Eve on board because of her deep understanding of the financial services industry and her strength as a financial writer. Our confidence in her was well placed. Not only was her writing exceptional, but she was deeply invested in what we wanted to achieve, never hesitating to ask questions or challenge assumptions. Credit Suisse’s new website was all the better for her efforts.”

Christina Bourke
Global Head of Investment Banking Marketing
Credit Suisse

Principal Funds

Creating a microsite.

Principal Funds wanted to mark the 10th anniversary of their LifeTime portfolios, which are one of the first target-date fund series in the financial industry. Eve was asked to write a microsite about the offering for financial professionals and investors. She created a home page plus pages about asset class selection, glide path structure, portfolio construction, and the disciplined rebalancing process.