Article Writing

Aston Funds

Explaining the importance of retirement planning.

Aston Funds asked Eve to propose a four-part series about the need to adequately prepare for retirement. Eve recommended four distinct topics, the first of which was the increasing lifespans of many Americans. To prepare for each piece, she conducted her own research and then wrote 500- to 600-word articles that included footnotes. The articles were quickly approved by upper management and the legal/compliance department.

“[Eve]’s been a contributing writer for our FUNDFacts publication for years. Every article is thoroughly researched and footnoted – making the compliance review seamless. I rely on Eve’s timely suggestions and appreciate her input; the result being relevant and insightful articles for our shareholders.”

Laurie Lynch
Vice President, Marketing
Aston Asset Management

M&T Investment Group

Telling the story of an equity theme.

M&T Investment Group wanted to showcase the thematic approach they take to their top-down analysis of equity ideas. In the autumn of 2004, they were applying seven equity themes and sought to describe one of them – Sanctuary – in their client magazine, Financial Focus. Eve worked with the primary architects of the approach, helping them explain how they identified Sanctuary as a theme and the ways in which they applied it to their investment decision-making.

Prudential International Investments

Writing about the Greek debt crisis as it unfolded.

Prudential International Investments asked Eve to write an article about the Greek debt crisis although the situation was still in flux. On a quick turnaround, she wrote an overview of the crisis plus a sidebar Q&A with the firm’s chief investment strategist. Because of Eve’s familiarity with compliance issues, the article was quickly approved. It was immediately distributed as a PDF to the firm’s offices and enthusiastically received by the sales force.